Hand and Body Sugar Scrubs


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Our signature sugar scrubs formulated with a blend of moringa, grapeseed oil and evaporated cane sugar. Moringa oil has an immediate effect of smoothing fine wrinkles on the skin while grapeseed oil is the fastest absorbing carrier oil which will deliver nutrients and moisture deep below the surface of the skin.


Organic Ingredients: Cane Sugar,

Grapeseed Oil, Moringa Oil,

Pure Castile Soap, Essential Oil

$15 – 8 ounce jar

Available with these essential oils for Aromatherapy Benefits:


Rosemary support lungs, improve alertness, eliminate negative moods, and increase the retention of information and concentration.      Lemongrass fresh and invigorating. Relieves stress, anxiety, and depression, tones and purifies the skin reduces redness and itching
Orange antidepressant, helps you feel uplifted. Reduces acne and disinfects. Clean, fresh scent. Peppermint  natural energy booster, soothes inflamed, itchy skin, relieves tired muscles with a cooling effect.
  Patchouli reverses UV damage, aids with dermatitis, acne, or dry, cracked skin, soothe inflammation, stimulating the growth of new skin            Eucalyptus soothes sore muscles and joints with a warming effect antibacterial and antifungal, clears congested nasal passages
          Lavender promotes calmness and wellness. It’s also said to help reduce stress, and anxiety, sleep aid                                           Unscented For sensitivities to fragrances we offer our hand and body scrubs with no essential oils added.

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Weight 8 oz


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